Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is A Virtual Assistant Right for You?

Not sure if getting help from a Virtual Assistant is right for you? I understand your concern and I am here to help you make that decision and then give you the assistance you need (and MORE!).

A Virtual Assistant is an entreprenuer (most likely just like you) who understands that running a business involves doing what we specialize in that helps generate revenue and... the "other stuff". I am here to help you with that "other stuff".

* No need to spend valuable time and money going through the resume screening, or worrying about complying with all the government rules and regulations. I have the experience and qualifications needed to get the job done fast and efficiently and make you more money in the long run!

* There is no need to provide office space, equipment or software in your office to house and supply an employee. I do all the work in my office.

* My clients have access to professional office assistance "When they need it"! I am just a phone call or email away--usually most hours of the day or week.

* There is no need for my clients to worry about employee benefits, employee taxes or other insurance, I handle my own expenses at my end.

* Outsourcing some of your 'non-core' or 'just can't get to' projects to gives you more time to concentrate on more important tasks, such as prospecting new customers and generating revenue. I take some of your overflow off your shoulders.

And last, but certainly not least... My dedication to the success of my clients helps you get back to running your business instead of your business running you! I am only successful if you are!

Case Study

Still not sure if getting help from a Virtual Assistant is the answer for you? Read about David's experience...when David, a strategy consultancy business in Minnesota, hired an assistant to handle routine office tasks like making travel arrangements, helping prepare presentations and conducting research he was constantly bothered by sick leave, employee benefits, purchasing supplies for the office, making sure all the paper work was in order, etc. Finally, after his assistant left him, he deicded to hire another assistant. But this assistant does not greet visitors or run out for coffee. This right-hand helper works from her own home office in Michigan.

The trade-off of having an off-site assistant is well worth it in savings alone, later realizes David. He estimates that a full-time office employee would cost around $30,000 annually. Instead, he pays his assistant only for “time on task,” which averages about 5 to 10 hours a week, and totals an estimated $15,000 a year. Savings are even greater after factoring in employee expenses like recruitment and administrative costs, taxes, insurance, benefits, bonuses, furnishings and equipment.

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