Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years Resolution

It is that time of the year again....we all try to make some commitment to making ourselves, our lives or our business better.  No matter what your New Year Resolution is, the key to being successful is setting goals and staying committed.  Sounds easier then done?  Well, maybe not...

1.  Set Goals.  Set realistic goals and write them down some your calendar, to do list, etc.

2.  Stay Dedicated.  Some goals can be met by just setting a very small amount of time each day!  Maybe just 10-15 minutes per day can lead to great results!  They key is to keep it in front of you so you do not forget to put it on the back burner during your hectic days.

3.  Stay Motivated.  You need to stay motivated to meet your goal!  Maybe promise yourself a small treat if you succeed--tickets to your favorite event, a special diner out, purchasing an expensive item for yourself, etc.  It it helps your meet your goal, by no way feel guilty for rewarding yourself for your great accomplishments!!!

Ok, so here are some ideas for some small business New Year Resolutions  if you need some motivation:

1.  Create and actively contribute to a blog.
2.  Start email blasts to your customers--this should be done on at least a monthly basis.
3.  Get more involved in social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
4.  Update your website!
5.  Write a business plan with goals and objectives!
6.  Make at least one new professional contact a week.

And the list goes on and on but the point is, do not just limit your New Years Resolution to yourself.  Bring them to your job and/or small business and use this time of the year as a "jump start" to make your business more successful which will result in a more successful YOU!!!!